About This Book (Beginner / Intermediate Level)

21 selected rhythms for great jamming session! Each rhythm consist of 2 djembe accompaniment rhythms; rhythms for Sangban, Kenkeni, Dununba and the associated djembe call.

9 different djembe solos to beef up your jamming!

6 different ways of playing echauffement to end your solo!

Video demonstrations of selected solos and rhythms from the book can be found here.



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Djembe Rhythm Book Volume 1 by Kelvin Kew

Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting my site and taking time to read. I appreciate it very much :)

The idea of this book came about as I saw the need for my students to have something to refer to when they get together for their jamming / practice sessions. The aim is to allow djembe communities, while in their small group setting, to have a reference book thats informative and easy to read(so you can get to playing quickly!) as well.

This book features :
- traditional rhythms and their cultural significances
- easy-to-understand notation readable for non-musicians and novice players
- djembe solos notation for beginner/intermediate level
- suggested drum circle rhythms for aspiring facilitators

I designed this book for A5 ring-binding hard copy printing so that its easy to carry around (or to put in the side pouch of your djembe bag) and easy to flip and read. For hard copies purchase and shipping please contact kelvinkew@liladrums.com

I've decided to make this book available in pdf version so most people can view them on their mobile device such as ipad, iphone, Android phones etc. In the near future, I will also upload videos to demonstrate how some rhythms in this book are played, do watch out for that :)

Payment for the pdf version of this book can be accepted through paypal (I apologize this is the only method of payment at the moment). Upon receiving your payment, I'll send you the link to download the full pdf version of this book.

This book is the start of much things to come. For the current volume 1 version, I've made it suitable for beginner/intermediate level and I'm planning for more advance rhythms and solos in the subsequent volume. Do share with me your feedback on this book at our facebook community http://www.facebook.com/djembesg as I would love to improve in future ones and benefit more people.


Kelvin Kew
Lîla Drums / Tam Tam Mandingue Singapore