5 Types Of Fears That Screw Us Up

Coming back to my own drumming allows me to remain in touch with my ‘lîla’, thereby not living a life controlled by fears and losing my brilliance.

The Fearless Mamady Keïta

To whole heartedly trust my music (my djembe), I would require huge courage to release all the negative attachments I harbour within me. When we can be truly ourselves on our instrument, our lîla will appear. The people who witness this side of us will experience our brilliance and thus reflect positivities back to us.

Djembe Singapore Club

Djembe Singapore Club

We are a community of djembe drumming enthusiasts in Singapore who drum away happily every week! Led by internationally certified teacher Kelvin …

School Programs

All our programs are endorsed under National Arts Council’s Arts Education Program (NAC-AEP), which are eligible for 50% subsidy from Tote Board …

Interactive Drumming

Interactive Drumming Programs

“The African Drumming Experience.” Lîla Drums drumming team bonding session is useful for short energizer session, half-day recreational session for employees, customized …


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