7 Ways You Can Have Fun Playing Djembe

Kelvin Kew

Traditionally, music in West African culture existed for the purpose of fulfilling social functions in villages. Music was played to accompany social events such as farming, fishing, initiation for young children, healing, weddings, just to name a few. Music was never used as entertainment or for any type of recreational purposes.

Have Fun Playing Djembe

In modern times, we see music widely as recreation. Anyone who enjoys playing an instrument can do so whenever and wherever they want (well, at least for most instruments). I remembered the days when I would received complaints from other tenants surrounding my studio on our drumming (no I don’t think we were lousy drummers😁). Because of their protests to the building management, we had to limit our drumming classes to only a certain time of the day, which was a bummer as that meant we had to cut down the number of classses we were planning to conduct.

So if you want to enjoy your djembe drumming without imposing on the peace of others (and without being labelled as a lousy or noisy drummer😅), here are 10 djembe-friendly situation you can bang your hearts out:

  1. Join A Drum Circle : A group of drum hobbyists gathering in a circle in a park, beachside, community centres to drum together. Participants are usually novice to amater players, Sometimes there may be a drum leader or rhythm facilitator in the group to facilitate the activity just so that the session don’t indeed become a noisy session!
  2. Form A Djembe Troupe : Get a few of your drum buddies and start a band together! Meet up weekly at a music friendly studio and drum to your favourite rhythms!
  3. Audition For Bands Looking For A Percussionist! : Bands are always looking to have that extra element in their music. Go be awesome with them!
  4. Drum For A Birthday Party : Unless you are attending a lavish birthday with live band and what nots, volunteer yourself to drum along to the birthday song. This is probably the only time where you can drum loudly with everyone else at home and none of them will be complaining about you being a nuisance ! 😆 : Many meditation practitioners employs auditory element in their sessions to help facilitate their participants into meditative state. Rhythm is always a useful tool for this. Remember to drum gently 😉
  5. Drum With Nature : Travel to the forest and find a quiet spot where you can be by yourself. Play as if you are communicating with the endless trees and bushes surrounding you. You’ll be surprise how rejuvenating this experience can be.
  6. Drum At Home : You can still have a complete drumming experience without disturbing your family members or your neighbours. Make sure to place a cloth or a Tshirt on top of your drum playing surface, as well as to stuff a thick pillow at the bottom opening of your djembe. In this way, you can rest assure to play your djembe without being restrictive with how you are hitting your drum.
  7. Join A Djembe Class : This will have to be the most assured way you can have fun AND achieve fulfilment with your djembe. With a good teacher, not only will you be guided towards proper playing, you will also get to create new friendship with other like minded djembe classmates.

Which idea is your favourite? ☺️ Perhaps the most important thing above all is to prepare a handful of rhythms under your belt so that you are ready anytime to explore any of the idea mentioned above.

I am happy to share with you a list of ready-to-go rhythms you can apply when playing your djembe. Click on the button below to find out how you can access this free list :)