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We cater for school performances, workshops and curriculum programs.

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Assembly Shows

Lila Drums School Programs
  • African Drumming Performance I – West African Djembe

  • African Drumming Performance II – Ivory Coast

  • World Drumming from around the globe

What You Get

» Energetic live drumming performance.

» Demonstration of traditional drums and percussion instruments from African and other parts of the world.

» Interactive drumming involving audience and performers.

» ‘Hands-on’ training in basic ethnic rhythms from Africa and other parts of the world.

Lila Drums Assembly Shows

Thank you for the wonderful & interactive performance! Our pupils love it very much!

– Mrs Ivy Wai, Teacher, Loyang Primary School

Enrichment Lessons and Workshops

Lila Drums School Programs
  • African Drumming Workshop with hands on interaction

  • African Djembe Drumming 7-Lesson Program

  • World Drumming & Percussion Lessons

  • Improvisation Skills in Rhythm / Drumming

What You Get

» Lessons with professional percussionists.

» Drumming to centuries-old traditional rhythms.

» Creating music with peers.

» Enriching experience in addition to existing academic environment.

Lila Drums Assembly Shows

We would like to thank the instructors who were so bubbly & really liven up the workshop. They also brought a lot of fun into the busy schedule of our students. The teachers really enjoyed themselves too!

– Ms Ang Weili, Aesthetics Department, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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