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Let's play djembe!!!!!

I'm gonnn play for you live soon! Stay tune!!!

Posted by Kelvin Kew on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Private group lessons

In this difficult period, playing djembe shouldn’t be difficult too.

To cope with this, we will begin online lessons!

Kelvin will be hosting his lessons in a Facebook private group where you can see his lessons and demonstrations every 2 days.

For who?

For You who loves drumming and can’t seem to stop thinking about it.

For You who is curious and never had any experience before.

For You who perhaps started long ago but somehow got caught up in life.

For You who lives halfway around the world and looking to connect rhythmically with other like-minded souls.

Private group lessons are open to anyone who loves drumming! :)

How to join?

Class fees

S$15 for 1 month’s content, starting 1 July.


Simply PayNow to 94567657 (Djembe Singapore Club) and provide us your Facebook name.

Or PayPal

You can also PayPal US$10 to and provide us your Facebook name.


Upon payment confirmation, we will add you to the July class on Facebook private group.

(To help us recognize you better, do provide us your Facebook name along with a screenshot of payment receipt)

Djembe Singapore Facebook Group

Follow our official Facebook group for updates :)